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I highly recommend taking lessons from Bret. He will start you out by building a firm base to build upon while keeping it extremely interesting and fun along the whole journey. I will note as well I started from scratch as a 42 year old and am extremely pleased with the progress I have made.

Ken H.


Best guitar teacher my kids have had. Very nice and really keeps the kids engaged

Christian L.


We can't say enough about Bret. His obvious love for sharing his talent is apparent in his guitar lessons. Our son has been taking lessons for about a year. It is heartwarming to see his pride and excitement in his new love for guitar and music in general. Even during these crazy pandemic times, Bret was as committed his students in online sessions as he was in person. We are grateful.

Lori H.

Brett has been so important in how far I have come with guitar over the past year. I would have never have accomplished so much and it’s great to have someone to help keep me accountable. He takes my specific goals and creates a customized plan. I get great enjoyment out of what I have learned so far and look forward to where I will be in another year.

Juliane B.


Bret is an extremely good instructor. I'm an adult with an extremely busy schedule and he goes at my pace. I've had two previous instructors where I only lasted a couple months. But he's knowledgeable, encouraging, and very easy to work with!

Cory J.


My son has been taking guitar lessons with Bret. He was so nervous starting something new and Bret knew exactly how to make him feel comfortable and confident with his guitar. Bret has such knowledge, patience, and consideration in the way he teaches. My son has learned so much at every lesson and has always been excited for the next lesson. Bret is an excellent teacher and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to learn the guitar.

Mandy M.


Jackie L.


Super chill guy, very knowledgable, customizes lessons based on individual goals of the student. I'd highly recommend!

Carrie H.


Bret is a great guitar instructor. He makes my grandson feel very comfortable.

Norma G.


Bret is awesome. Both my kids(14 and 10) are currently taking guitar lessons. They are happy to go(piano at a standard "studio" was a real struggle). They go in proud to show him what they've practiced and come out proud to show me what they've learned. Bret is a wonderful teacher and a good dude. Good guy, happy kids, excellent value, a deeper love of music for us all... I simply could not be more satisfied with this experience.

Dan C.